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São means “saint”, which is more than fitting, because unlike many of its industrially-produced competitors, São Organic Cachaça is made the artisanal way, from the finest organic cane and distilled in small batches, producing the truest expression of cachaça.

  • São Cachaça is made from 100% organic cane, grown by a collective of community farms near Horizontina, Brazil.
  • Unlike cachaca from major cities, São Cachaça is made with pristine water from the Uruguay River, which runs just 50 meters from the distillery.
  • São Cachaça uses only the finest core or “heart” of the distillate.
  • São Cachaça is crafted the artisanal way, cutting and pressing the cane by hand, in small batches using copper alembic stills.
  • São Cachaça cane is grown with absolutely no pesticides, added sugars or chemicals, so that nothing gets in the way of the pure cane flavor.

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Made from 100 Percent Pure Brazilian Cane

São Organic Cachaça is not industrially- produced in large factories like many popular brands. Rather, it's made the artisanal way, from the finest 100% organic cane and distilled in small batches, producing the truest expression of cachaça.

Image of 100 Percent Brazilian Organic100% organic Brazilian sugar cane is cut and pressed, at a collective of community farms. The result produces three phases: "heads", "hearts" and "tails". São Cachaça uses only the "heart“ of the distillate, the highest quality distillate, with all the character and none of the impurities.

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São Cachaça is able to achieve a level of refinement that mass production would find impossible to replicate. The days of artificially flavored and colored syrups are numbered. A more savvy generation of consumers are demanding to know what’s going in their cocktails, and if given the preference, will choose quality over mystery.

Tastings Notes

CaipirinhaWith a taste unlike any other cachaça, São Organic Cachaça is an un-aged white spirit, perfect for a purer-tasting caipirinha. Bottled immediately after distillation, São is pure, clean with notes of grass, cucumber and white pepper.


Imported exclusively by
Vicente Spirits & Importing,
New York, NY,

São Organic Cachaça is now available at select liquor stores, bars and restaurants in New York City.

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The French coined the notion of terroir, the concept that geography, climate and the unique aspects of place define the taste of what is produced in a certain region. Although the industrial hub of Minas Gerais may be where most cachaça production happens in Brazil, does it necessarily make it the most ideal place for producing the best cachaça?

São Cachaça is produced just outside Horizontina, Brazil, on rich soil renowned as a fertile wine-growing region of Rio Grande do Sul, bordering Argentina. An ideal setting for organic farming, its mix of fertile valleys and sun-drenched hills offer some of the best wines from Brazil. Not only well known as a pristine wine region, Horizontina is also famous for producing Gisele Bundchen.